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What happens when a bass playing rock and roller finally lets his pop side shine and recruits one of his best friends to help craft his catchy pop music?

The Popovers is what happens!

Recently the band was featured in an episode of Often Awesome the Series, created by Blake Faucette and Andy Coon, which can be found at www.OftenAwesome.org

They have never existed as a a live band, but as a home recording project featuring Tim LaFollette (Kudzu Wish, Decoration Ghost) and Catie Braly (Palagic, The Session) and a cast of many incredibly talented friends!

These songs were recorded over a 5 year period with some of Tim's favorite musicians in the Greensboro area. Between the years of 2004 and 2009, Tim and Catie (with the help of many of their dear friends) recorded this album.

Many of these songs are meant as efforts to communicate with friends, or middle fingers at enemies, but always were recorded as the artistic presence of Tim and Catie. We also wrote the theme song that Dan Savage has been using for The Savage Lovecast since February of 2008 and is included in the CD on the album page! Recently Dan gave us a plug on podcast 236 dated 4/26/11, click here to give it a listen!

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